Jimei Shen


Kahla - Connect everyone's thoughts

As a cross-platform business messaging app, Kahla can encrypt communications at any location, on any device.

And it is completely open source and free.

Contact Me: jimei@aiursoft.com

Link: https://www.kahla.app/

More Info: https://wiki.aiursoft.com/Welcome/Home.md

NiuTrans Yasong
NiuTrans Yasong

NiuTrans Yasong - An AI Poet

Powered by NEUNLP Lab, NiuTrans Yasong can automatically write couplets, compile ancient poems and translate ancient prose.

Contact Me: 20160756@stu.neu.edu.cn

Link: http://yasong.niutrans.vip/

More Info: http://www.nlplab.com/

A Cute NYU MSIS Candidate